A) Optimal Medication Monitor(s) and Method of Retrieving  Adherence Record.


Alternative Communication Means are found in Alternative displays for Retrieval of Data from the Monitor This includes Retrieval of  Clinical Data on the Patient.

B) Other Dose Removal Monitors.


The E-box is a stack monitor developed by the Shanghai Guifan Digital Technology Co. Ltd in Shanghai China. As currently designed it was developed for intermittent regimens of individual drugs and would require several different packaged regimens in the supply lines to suit patients of different weight. It currently does not use fixed dose combinations of pills.
U-box Carousel Monitor

A group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a portable medication monitor shown in the following image
It is 4.75 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall. It is designed for the intermittent regimens used in India. As detailed in the section Requirements for Optimal Medication Monitors for TB Medications,  we believe intermittent treatment should not be used with medication monitors. If the U-box were redesigned for a month’s supply of medication given daily, the device would be much larger.
For more details regarding the device contact. manish@innovatorsinhealth.org  or look at website http://www.innovatorsinhealth.org/solutions/pillbox.shtml