A) Optimal Medication Monitor(s) and Method of Retrieving  Adherence Record.


Alternative Communication Means are found in Alternative displays for Retrieval of Data from the Monitor This includes Retrieval of  Clinical Data on the Patient.

B) Other Dose Removal Monitors.

Biometric DOT

While not a medication monitor, we thought it would best to mention the development of a DOT system based on having the patient come to a treatment station that utilizes a biometric fingerprinting terminal to provide transparent and tamper proof  records of which doses of TB medication are administered to a patient under supervision of a health worker. The system includes daily uploads to the clinic in charge of the patient by mobile phones with a laptop computer, GMS modem, and SMS server.

It is being evaluated in high-density slum areas in Dehli, India. Although not without problems the initial evaluation looks promising. (1)

The cost of the system would probably make it impractical in areas with less population density, especially rural areas.

1) Nupur Bhatnagar, Abhishek Sinha, Navkar Samdaria, Aakar Gupta, Shelly Batra, Manish Bhardwaj, and William Thies. Biometric Monitoring as a Persuasive Technology: Ensuring Patients Visit Health Centers in India's Slums.International Conference on Persuasive Technology (PERSUASIVE 2012).


The same article is free on Dr. Thies’s personal publications page. You will find it in the section for the year 2012.